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Citrusy and uplifting, Glow shimmers with blood orange juice and a gentle twist of ginger. It’s golden hour in a glass.

Great for daytime

Lion’s mane mushroom nurtures your inner calm

Breakthrough all-natural cannabinoid blend of CBD, CBG and CBN nourishes from the inside out for clarity and focus

5mg THC • 5mg CBD • 3mg CBG • 2mg CBN
30 calories
7 g sugar
8 g carbohydrates
7.5 oz per can


Carbonated Water
Organic Orange Juice (From Concentrate)
Organic Agave Nectar
Organic Blood Orange Juice (From Concentrate)
Natural Flavors
Hemp Extract
Organic Lion’s Mane Extract
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Potassium Sorbate (Preservative)

1-5 of 51 reviews
  1. My favorite flavor.

  2. I didn’t expect to like the blood orange flavor. It turned out to be my favorite flavor.

  3. My favorite flavor; love the CBD, THC and Mushroom extract combination – super chill, yet energizing.
    Nicely done Happi!

  4. Excellent product!

51 reviews for Glow In Blood Orange Ginger

  1. Elizabeth C (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Susan N (verified owner)

    Don’t drink alcohol for medical reasons. This allows me to relax and have fun w friends and family!
    So happy this was invented! I’ve been looking for this!

  3. Ray M (verified owner)

    Refreshing, light a great to unwind at night with.

  4. Mary ann W (verified owner)

    A nice calming buzz without the weed smell! Taste is pleasant as well

  5. Gillian l (verified owner)

  6. Sherry D. (verified owner)

  7. Melissa (verified owner)

    Best one I’ve had for taste! The cannabis takes on a grapefruit accent in this one which compliments the blood orange flavor. Felt the affects in 20min.

  8. Melissa B (verified owner)

    Maybe it’s the combination of THC CBN and CBD but this one is strong, I like to stick to half a can or drink it very very slowly. Great flavor so it’s hard to slow down!

  9. Jay B (verified owner)

    My favorite day drink.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Lindsay Y (verified owner)

    Super tasty

  12. Lucy L (verified owner)

    At first I thought this was a bit too strong but I was wrong. It’s great to take the edge off at the end of a stressful day or to get me through a difficult afternoon in my stressful household. Love it!!!

  13. Lani (verified owner)

    Tastes great with a relaxing effect.

  14. Barbara L (verified owner)

    Love this product!! Flavor is so good! Highly recommend!!

  15. Kathleen P (verified owner)

    Great taste, calming effect but not sleepy feeling.

  16. Courtney L (verified owner)

    My absolute fav!!

  17. Clark B. (verified owner)

    Love mostly the addition of CBD, CBG and CBN to the THC. Harder to find. Flavor also suits me as not too sweet. Lovely even-keeled high and refreshing.

  18. Paulette H (verified owner)

  19. Kim M (verified owner)

    Amazing results! I did not miss my wine! Taste really smooth and gave a nice calming buzz.

  20. Bill G (verified owner)

    Great taste.

  21. Gillian l (verified owner)

    Gives a lovely mellow feeling.

  22. Lucy L (verified owner)

    Love it! The perfect beverage after a long day. So very relaxing.

  23. Carrie W (verified owner)

  24. James D (verified owner)

  25. Rebecca C (verified owner)

  26. Alonna C (verified owner)

    Tasty and refreshing. No bitter aftertaste and the perfect size. Great chill affect with no hangover.

  27. Diane S (verified owner)

    A great find and alternative. Being a fairly experienced wine drinker, I thought this 5 mg would be fine. However, I am finding if I mix half the can with some flavored seltzer, it a better start for someone like me who has never tried this before. So for me its like two drinks for the price of one. Ordered more for the holidays. Great taste and fast shipping. Give it a try!

  28. Teddey H (verified owner)

    My new nightly go to. Keeps me energized while relaxed.

  29. Melinda B (verified owner)

    I don’t drink alcohol but sometimes I want an adult beverage to feel festive. This is perfect. I feel the fun, but none of the ill effects that alcohol causes. And it has a great taste with no strange aftertaste. I love it!

  30. WILLIAM S (verified owner)

  31. Wendy B (verified owner)

    It’s like drinking a lite version of an orange creamsicle! I love this flavor

  32. Debra T. (verified owner)

  33. Annie V (verified owner)

    Had a nice time!

  34. Deborah M (verified owner)

  35. Meghan Mittenzwei (verified owner)

    Loved the flavor and it really did take the edge off and helped me relax. Would recommend and will definitely buy again.

  36. Lillian F (verified owner)

    awesomely good

  37. Tracy A (verified owner)

    Delicious! An easy day drink ~

  38. Cathy D (verified owner)

  39. Paulette H (verified owner)

    Love the flavor

  40. Amy S (verified owner)

    Very refreshing taste! Relaxes me and helps me sleep better without the negative effects of alcohol.

  41. Lisa S (verified owner)

    So good!

  42. Patricia C (verified owner)

    Love it!!

  43. Brandon W (verified owner)

    may be my favorite flavor

  44. Robyn T (verified owner)

    So fun and not too strong. Slept great! Great AF alternative.

  45. Sherri N (verified owner)

    Very Happi with this product!

  46. Margaret M (verified owner)

    Love Happi, but citrus isn’t my favorite — Raspberry Honeysuckle is!!!

  47. Kandice W (verified owner)

    Excellent product!

  48. Sadie C. (verified owner)

  49. Renee R (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor; love the CBD, THC and Mushroom extract combination – super chill, yet energizing.
    Nicely done Happi!

  50. Michael W

    I didn’t expect to like the blood orange flavor. It turned out to be my favorite flavor.

  51. Michael W

    My favorite flavor.

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