In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we’re raising a toast to the incredible women who have shaped our past, define our present, and are forging our future! As a female-co-founded company, Happi is proud to be a pioneer in the infused beverage space, offering an all-natural and low calorie drink that stands for health and wellness.


Looking to brush up on the history of Women’s History Month? This article not only breaks down the facts, but also showcases tangible ways to celebrate the contributions of women throughout history.


Hear from our visionary co-founder of Happi, Lisa Hurwitz, and what Women’s History Month means to her.


What do you love most about working at Happi?

Everyday feels new. We have such an exciting brand in a completely new category that changes so fast. No 2 days are ever the same and it keeps our work fresh and inspiring!


Any advice for your younger self?

It’s never too late to start. I pivoted my whole life in my early 40’s. While change can be scary, doing something new and paving a next chapter for your life is so liberating. I moved overseas, became a first-time entrepreneur and found a new passion in surfing all since turning 40.


What does International Women’s Month mean to you personally, and how would you like to see it celebrated within our company?

I believe women should be celebrated everyday but having a dedicated month makes it extra special. It gives Happi a chance to highlight all the amazing women we have both inside and outside the company. We have incredible talent working daily to make our beverages the best tasting and most effective on the market. And we have truly inspiring female customers who are just as passionate about the brand and what we are building as we are inside Happi. So the opportunity to tell our collective stories and to share these with other women, that’s what I hope this month of March can be about.


How are you celebrating Women’s History Month?