Welcome to the latest edition of That Makes Me Happi! Cheers to you for making it through Dry January with us. We’re sure you’re feeling the benefits, so how can you keep them going?


Introducing Damp February, where what and when you drink is a more intentional choice. It doesn’t mean skipping alcohol–it means drinking mindfully and being kind to your body.


Intrigued? We thought so! Let’s explore the trend together.


  • What is Damp February? This article is a great way to understand why it’s becoming more than just a monthly challenge but a new way of healthy living. Celebrating with a can of Happi is a choice for your health and happiness that we fully get behind.
  • Get Prepared: Now that we know where Damp February comes from let’s grab this checklist and prepare ourselves for success! And since Happi is from the Midwest–the list has an easy acronym to remember: CHEDDAR.
  • It’s On Trend: In honor of the upcoming awards season, here’s a surprisingly extensive list of celebs who choose to find their fun without alcohol. Stars–they’re just like us!


February has plenty of reasons to party–the Big Game and Awards Season, Galentines, and Valentine’s Days, so grab our Watch Party and Happi Hearts packs, so you’re ready for them all! Tell us your Damp February tips in the comments below.