Whew, a month really flies by, doesn’t it? As we say goodbye to Dry January, we hope you enjoyed a few Happi mocktails as well as some of the benefits of enjoying an alcohol-free lifestyle, like better sleep, lower blood pressure, and more focus and clarity. 


Close out the month with these bright, juicy mocktails featuring Raspberry Honeysuckle, a fan favorite. Also, tomorrow’s the last day to purchase our Dry January variety pack, so don’t miss your chance to grab a few more while they’re still available! 


Honey Bee: Bursting with berry flavor, this mocktail swirls Raspberry Honeysuckle Happi with fizzy ginger ale and sweet, earthy honey, all topped off with a twist of lemon. This is the perfect mocktail for sipping with friends for brunch!


Raspberry Refresher: Sweet, floral raspberry melds with the delightfully tart, slightly bitter notes of grapefruit, while lemon lime soda adds both fizz and flavor. Garnish with fresh fruit or perhaps make a batch of custom ice cubes studded with raspberries and lemons using your Happi ice cube tray to make it extra special. 


We hope you’ve had as much fun exploring the alcohol-free lifestyle during Dry January as we have, and we’re Happi to have been there for all your mocktail needs all month long.