Welcome back to That Makes Me Happi! This week, we’re welcoming Ellen Scanlon as our guest editor. Ellen is the host of How to Do the Pot, a podcast helping you feel confident about cannabis. Having released over 200 episodes on everything from stress to sleep to sex, as well as a popular newsletter that reaches tens of thousands of loyal readers, it’s clear that Ellen’s work is striking a chord with the cannacurious.


1. What’s your Happi-est autumn memory?
New York City in the fall is magical and always makes me nostalgic for the East Coast, where I grew up. I’ve lived in California for 15 years, and still I associate the autumn season with walking through my old West Village neighborhood and feeling the energy of the city pick up after a long, hot summer.


2. What’s your favorite Happi flavor?
Happi Glow is my favorite, and it’s a treat to pour into a fancy glass and share with my husband, J.P.  After a long day, it helps me feel lighter when I’m reading dinosaur bedtime stories to my 5-year old son, and more relaxed and in a better mood when J.P. and I have time alone together.


3. How would you describe your Happi place?
Hiking on the beautiful trails in Marin County, California. I live about thirty minutes away in San Francisco, and the beauty starts with the drive across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. A special spot for me is Mt. Tamalpais, which offers gorgeous views, the soothing fragrance of native California plants, and the challenge of climbing its steep hills.


4. What song always makes you feel Happi?
I’m a huge fan of Beyonce’s incredible album Renaissance. “Cuff It” always makes me feel happy – it’s an instant party classic and full of upbeat fun.


5. What is your favorite Happi occasion?
I love to read and time alone with a good book makes me super happy. Right now I’m deep into Colson Whitehead’s Crook Manifesto. It’s the second book in his delightful crime fiction series, and I also highly recommend the first book, Harlem Shuffle.


Thanks to our friend Ellen for sharing her Happi thoughts with us all the way from California. Speaking of, we have some Happi news to share: we are now shipping to the Golden State! Be sure to share the news with your Cali pals and click here to shop now.


How to Do the Pot is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow @dothepot or visit dothepot.com to learn more.