Hello, and welcome to another installment of That Makes Me Happi. This week we’re Happi to introduce you to Kailey O’Connor, your guest editor for this week. She’s our Happi Retail and Customer Relationship Manager who spends time introducing folks to Happi at tasting events and handles all our customer service. Many of you who filled out the survey commented on how much you appreciate Happi’s customer service, so now you can put a face to the name!


What’s your Happi-est Halloween memory?

When I was 4 years old I got a Cinderella costume to wear for Halloween. It came with a crown and the whole thing was really sparkly. It was my all-time favorite costume and I continued to wear it for the next three Halloweens.


What’s your favorite Happi flavor?

For a long time it was Lemon Elderflower, but I go through phases and right now I’m on a total Raspberry Honeysuckle kick. The berry notes are perfect and the honeysuckle keeps it refreshing.


How would you describe your Happi place?

Surrounded by warm weather, loud music, positivity, laughter and the people I care about the most. Also the absence of my phone.


Thanks to Kailey for sharing what makes her Happi. We’ll see you back next week with a special Halloween recipe!