Welcome back to That Makes Me Happi! This week, we’re starting a new feature where we learn more about what Happi-ness means to our friends, family, and colleagues. First up is our President and Co-Founder, Lisa Hurwitz.


1. What’s your Happi-est moment from this summer?
Taking a motorcycle tour around Paris with my family. We saw all these parts of Paris that are relatively unpopulated by tourists and it was just magical.


2. What’s your favorite Happi flavor?
Tied between Glow and Lime Wild Mint. Depends on my mood and the occasion. I love Glow as a wind down when I am shutting off work for the day and ready to relax. Lime is my go-to for drinking on the beach or at dinner with friends.


3. How would you describe your Happi place?
Surfing with my husband and teenage boys in Nicaragua. We live there part of the year and there is a feeling I get when I am in the ocean, surrounded by my family just enjoying the waves. It is hands down where I am happiest.


4. What song always makes you feel Happi?
I am an 80’s kid so anything from that era puts me in a good mood. But lately when I hear “And We Danced” by the Hooters I get ready to break into my happy dance. And embarrass my kids.


5. What is your favorite Happi occasion?
Weekends. Since we have been spending more time in Nicaragua, I have tried to slow down and savor every minute of the weekends. Just give me a random Saturday with some surfing, some beach time, a sunset and I am happy!


We hope you enjoyed learning more about Lisa. See you next week!