Welcome back to a very summery edition of That Makes Me Happi. Today, we’re talking about one of the best parts of the season–Summer Fridays! There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to cut out of work early to enjoy as much sunshine, beach time, and, well, literally anything that isn’t work, to start the weekend off right. 


We love the idea of having a Summer Friday kit handy to be ready for making the most of your free time. Things like a big blanket you can sprawl out on at the park for an impromptu afternoon with friends, or maybe a picnic basket packed with tasty treats (and stocked with some Happi, naturally) for lunch in the sunshine. Whatever your favorite Summer Friday activity is, we hope you end your week on a Happi note. 


  • Summer Fridays make you Happi-er: A recent poll confirms what we’ve known all along! Summer Fridays are the secret to happier employees and more productivity. We’ll cheers to that! 
  • Bright and Cheery Beach Blankets: We love a lightweight, waterproof blanket that’s perfectly portable AND bright and cheery. We’re taking this one to festivals, movies in the park, the beach–basically, if you need us this summer, you can find us chillin’ on our blanket. 
  • Cheers To the Weekend With a Happi Mojito: Summer Fridays call for a fun, fizzy drink, and our take on a mojito definitely fits the bill. Refreshing, delicious, and, best of all, hangover-free–what’s not to love?


And on that note, we’re going outside to enjoy the day. We hope you do the same. Let us know what’s on the agenda for your Summer Friday in the comments below!