Hey there, Happi people! We’re back with another installment of That Makes Me Happi, and this time we’re giving a little love to one of the most important parts of the day: bedtime.


We know that sometimes falling asleep can feel more like boarding the struggle bus, so we’re sharing some of our favorite things that make ZZZs come a little easier for us these days. From a manageable sleep reset plan and snooze-worthy sheets to the best tunes to lull you into a restful slumber, here’s what’s making us Happi lately:


7 Day Sleep Plan: We love small changes that can make a big difference, and this plan feels like it fits the bill. One week to help yourself work toward better sleep? That sounds right up our alley. (Well, that and a stash of Nightcap, the seltzer of our dreams.)


These Sheets are a Treat: Great sheets are an underrated way to treat yourself, and we are all about treating yourself, especially when it comes to sleep. Curling up in soft, cool, comfortable bedding? Yes please.


How To Make the Best Sleep Playlist: What actually goes into making a perfect playlist for settling down for a great night of sleep? This guide has some really fun and smart suggestions for curating your own customized playlist that’ll have you drifting off in no time.


That’s some good stuff for you to sleep on. Share your stellar sleep secrets and tips below in the comments!


We’ll see you again in two weeks to share our foodie faves.