Hello, all you Happi humans! We’re back with another That Makes Me Happi blog post, where we share a roundup of things that make us smile, laugh, or feel happy. Speaking of feeling happy, we’re all about that Happi feeling that comes with one of our original flavors, Lemon Elderflower.


Lemons just have a way of making you perk up a little, from that invigorating fragrance of lemon zest and pleasantly puckery lemon juice to fun vintage lemon motifs that feel a little bit like a throwback–in a funky, cool way.

  • Lemon Icebox Cake: Speaking of being cool, we love a good no-bake dessert in the summer. Icebox cakes are equal parts easy to assemble and delicious to devour, which are our two favorite qualities when it comes to summer cooking.
  • Patio Pillows, With a Twist: These peppy lemon-patterned pillows are exactly the vibe we want for adding a little something new to our patio furniture this summer. 
  • The Uplifting Power of Lemon: If it smells like lemon, you better believe we love it! A quick whiff of that zesty citrus scent wakes up our senses, and this article explains the science behind that.

Love lemons? Let us know your favorite way to enjoy that bright citrusy flavor in the summertime.


We’ll see you back here in two weeks to talk about one of the best parts of summer: the farmers market!