Welcome back to That Makes Me Happi, where we are officially transitioning to soup mode. Don’t get us wrong, we love sweater weather, but really, we’re here for the soups, stews, and other cozy fall faves that are working their way back into our recipe repertoire. 


This is the time of year when we love a low key dinner party: make a big batch of your favorite soup, ask your friends to bring bread and accompaniments, and, of course, have plenty of Happi on hand for making easy mocktails or as a fun favor for guests to take home. Throw on a great playlist and you have a pretty delightful gathering that doesn’t take much work. 


  • Bowled Over: Did you know there are certain bowl shapes and sizes that work best depending on the type of soup you’re making? This is a great guide for all you serious soup enthusiasts! 
  • The Science of Soup: Why does soup make us feel good? This essay touches on some of the warm, fuzzy feelings soup hearkens for many of us. 
  • Soup-spiration: Soup recipes are some of the most fun to riff on, and we think this list has a great lineup of staples begging for you to add your own spin. 


Now we’re in the mood for something cozy and soothing, which sounds like a perfect occasion for the subtly spicy Turkish Apple Tea flavor of Nightcap. Tell us your favorite soup in the comments below.