Happi Dry January! If you’re not familiar, Dry January is a movement toward exploring non-alcoholic options all month long, whether you’re just looking for a reset in the new year or just want to reap the benefits of going alcohol-free, like better sleep, clearer skin, and less anxiety. 


As a great alcohol alternative, we’re Happi to be your guide through this month by sharing weekly mocktails recipes and some fun facts about the benefits of Dry January. 


To celebrate, we’re launching our very own Dry January variety pack–and while supplies last, you’ll receive a Happi ice cube tray with your purchase to keep your Happi mocktails icy cold. Keep your eyes peeled for some fun ice cube ideas from us, too! 


To kick things off, here’s a refreshing little number that’ll make you Happi you’re giving the hangover-free life a whirl:


Light and Lifted: Lemon, lime, and ginger are the tried-and-true trifecta of fantastic flavor, so we’ve paired Happi Lemon Elderflower with zingy ginger beer and a twist of lime. This delicate but delightful mocktail makes for a supremely sessionable option. 


We’ll be sharing tasty recipes and more all month long to keep your Dry January feeling fresh and fun. See you next week!