Welcome back to the latest edition of That Makes Me Happi! Just in time for the holidays, we’re Happi to announce a new seasonal flavor, Pomegranate Hibiscus. This festive flavor is packed with juicy pomegranate and floral hibiscus flavor.


Available in 2.5mg cans, these are made for sessionability (AKA drinking a few over the course of an evening), leaving you with a refreshingly light buzz–without the hangover. Shop today and stock up for all your holiday gatherings!


  • Perfect Pomegranates: Make the most of pomegranates’ short season with these tips and tricks for picking the juiciest, ripest fruit, along with some great ideas for how to incorporate their sweet-tart flavor into your holiday menu. 
  • Pom Collins: Who doesn’t love a fizzy, festive mocktail? This twist on a classic is just what you need to have a Happi holiday season.


Pick up a few packs of Pomegranate Hibiscus while it lasts! This flavor will only be around for a limited time, so don’t miss out. 


We’ll be back next week to dig into one of our favorite events of the year: Friendsgiving!