Do you like scary movies? (We know, they aren’t for everyone!) With Halloween just weeks away, it’s a great time to settle in for a fright fest movie night with some of your besties, including Happi. From campy comedies to creepy monster movies, there’s a spooky season movie out there to suit anyone’s taste. 


No matter what you watch, a movie night is always a great way to get together with friends. Make sure you have plenty of snacks, settle in with a nice cold Happi, and make sure everyone silences their phone because it’s movie time:


  • Movie Night Must-Haves: We’re heading into the best time of year for cozy movie nights, and this list has all you need to have a season full of cinematic fun. (And, of course, don’t forget the Happi!)
  • Why Humans Love Scary Movies: Speaking of why people can’t get enough jump scares and plot twists, learn more about the science of why we love a good fright. 
  • Best Scary Movies: Need some fresh recommendations for your movie night? Rotten Tomatoes has you covered with a list of the 200 best horror movies of all time.


That’s it for this week. But before we go, may we suggest snagging a few Happi To Meet You variety packs? They’re the perfect way to have a Happi movie night! Tell us your movie night go-tos in the comments below.