Don’t snooze on this edition of That Makes Me Happi because we’re talking about one of our favorite things: bedtime! If you’ve ever tried Nightcap, you know that we’re the seltzer of your dreams. In fact, Nightcap was just awarded a gold medal at the LA Spirit Awards!


Whether you sleep like a log or count hundreds of sheep in your quest to fall asleep, we all have our own little bedtime routines that help us wind down and get cozy. Here are some bedtime faves of ours that we hope you love, too!

  • How Cannabis Affects Sleep: This episode of Do The Pot’s podcast is a great place to start if you’re curious about how cannabis impacts and improves sleep. Give it a listen! 
  • Get To Know Noise Colors: There’s a whole spectrum of noise colors to explore, so why only rely on white noise? Find out how each type of noise, from pink to gray to blue, can help you sleep deeper and how to pick the one for you. 
  • How Much Sleep Do You Need?: This is a really fascinating read that helps you better understand just how much sleep you need (although it feels like the answer is always “more!”) and why. 

Tell us your sleep tips & tricks in the comments below. We’ll be back next week with one of the best parts of summer: the farmers market! Sweet dreams!