Welcome to August, and your latest edition of That Makes Me Happi! Fun fact: August is the most common birthday month. What better way to kick off a month filled with celebrations than with some of our favorite summer party ideas and treats? If you ask us, summer is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace, so we’re all about the low key get together that everyone, even the host, gets to simply relax and enjoy.


There are plenty of warm summer days and nights left to enjoy this summer, so let’s get the (super low key, very chill) party started!


  • Create Your Own Party Pantry: A pantry full of fun, festive party supplies, along with snacks and drinks that keep you prepped for low effort entertaining? This is the greatest thing we’ve ever heard of–and we also kinda want to live in one!
  • Best Summer Songs Playlist: What’s a party without a playlist? We love a playlist packed with summer songs from years past, both for the nostalgia and the versatility of being able to get any crowd in the summer party groove.
  • A Little Something for Everyone: Since August has so many birthdays, why not pick up our Happi Birthday variety pack? It’s always ready to turn any occasion into a celebration.


We hope you find plenty of reasons to celebrate this month, and Happi birthday to all you August babies! Share your happi-est moment with us in the comments. 


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