Hiya, Happi here! How has it already been two weeks? Time flies. 


Speaking of flying, is it just us or is summer travel on the brain for you, too? Getaways, long weekends, Summer Fridays, international travel–we just love it all and are so looking forward to summer. Since this will be our first summer being available in 38 states, we are excited to do a lot of exploring in new places. Keep an eye out for spotting Happi in the wild while you’re out traveling, too. 


In this edition of That Makes Me Happi, we’re sharing a fun Ted Lasso-inspired tour of London, travel journals to help make those memories last a lifetime, and a list of dreamy destinations that would make for some seriously Happi vacays. 


  • Top Travel Destinations of 2023: Are you more of a “visit a big city” kind of person, or are you more into getting out in nature? Either way, this list has some incredible destinations that suit pretty much any travel style. Can we pick them all? 
  • The Ted Lasso Tour: Perhaps the happiest show on TV, binging episodes of Ted Lasso is definitely one of our Happi places. We love the idea of getting to visit some of the most famous spots from the show on this lovely tour of London.  
  • Travel Notes: When we need a little serotonin boost, we love to look back on trips we’ve taken and reminisce about the joy we felt in those moments. Capturing those thoughts and memories with pen and paper might feel a little old school, but we think it makes the memories feel more meaningful. 


Wow, now we’re very much in vacay mode and hope you are, too. What’s your dream destination this year? Let us know in the comments. 


We’ll catch you back here in two weeks.