Is it just us or does it feel like we could all use a little bit more Happi-ness in our lives? Well, good news! That’s exactly what we’re here to deliver–it’s in our name, after all.


So, welcome to our brand new biweekly blog series, That Makes Me Happi. 


Every two weeks, we’ll be sharing things that make us smile, laugh, think, and feel a little joy. Happiness is best when it’s shared, so just think of this blog as your one-stop-shop for all things happy (and Happi). 


This week’s theme is, naturally, all about beverages. Learn more about just what the heck functional mushrooms are (spoiler alert: they’re not THAT kind), shop a whimsical collection of drinkware, or mix up your own tasty mocktail using yours truly. 

  • Functional Mushrooms 101: Mushrooms and drinks don’t seem like a natural pair, but we love a beverage made with functional mushrooms. With benefits like mental clarity and better sleep, these fantastic fungi are fascinating to learn about. (PS- did you know both Glow and Nightcap have lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms in them?)
  • Coolest Glassware Ever: When you’re a seltzer, your glass is basically your outfit, so why not have a little fun with it? These whimsical designs by artist Kristina Micotti bring us joy and we want one in every design.
  • Cherry Moon Mocktail Recipe: A sweet spring treat that’s a little bit of a mocktail and a little bit of a dessert, all in one. We love to riff on this recipe by switching up flavors of Happi and sherbet to create fun new blends. 

Thanks for reading! Have an idea for something that brings you Happi-ness? Share it with us below in the comments.


We’ll see you again in two weeks to tell you how we catch better ZZZs.