Who’s thirsty? We’ve got some delicious non-alcoholic twists on classic cocktails using Happi to share with you this week to keep you on track for Dry January! Did you know that taking a break from alcohol can boost your mood and energy? We’ll cheers to that–with these tasty mocktails, of course.


Don’t forget to stock up on our Dry January variety packs, which will have you set with a Happi a day all month long. 


Glow Fashioned: It’s like an old fashioned, just Happi-er! The blood orange ginger flavor of Glow pairs beautifully with earthy black tea, juicy maraschino cherries, and a hint of bitters to round things out. 

Happi G&T: Our twist on a classic gin and tonic features Lemon Elderflower Happi mixed with the sweet-tart flavor of grapefruit, which plays beautifully with the bitter notes in tonic water. Simple syrup smooths things out for a super sippable mocktail. 


Next week, we’re making the most of citrus season with a fresh new batch of mocktails featuring lemons, limes, and, of course, plenty of Happi.